Spanish language center “La Niña”  based in Playa Blanca  in     C/Las Palmeras 7, Casa 4  offers Spanish classes for English residents in Lanzarote

Spanish learning with Ana Maria Sanchez Pastor
in Playa Blanca:

She makes their students to speak Spanish at all cost and for this she offers innovative and interactive Spanish programmes.

Most important being that she is seriously passionate about teaching Spanish and this makes the difference.

Ana Maria has graduated from University of Kent in Literatura and is originally from Madrid.

She loves to design tailored lesson plans and has experience with all levels in adult teaching.

In her Tailored Plan Programme the course is designed completely according to your level, requirements and needs and is considered to be the most efficient and quickest way to learn a language as your Personal Tutor¨s attention is concentrated 100% towards you.

Ana Maria can design specific topics and situations that you are interested in or implement a general “holiday Spanish” lesson plan. That is completely up to you.

Ideal for anyone who wishes to learn Spanish quickly and more efficiently through tailored Spanish lessons designed for individual needs.

 For more information:
Tel: 0034 / 639 94 18 78

Last Testimonial:

We think that Ana is a fantastic tutor. She has the special skill of being a speech and language therapist in Playa Blanca. As well as listening attentively, she also watched us carefully as we spoke and was able to give us very clear instructions on how to improve our pronunciation.

She put a lot of time and effort into devising games to help us learn vocabulary. She read through and improved our speaking task, and then helped us practice for the Conversation.



Individual lessons are 60 minutes long and cost 30 € per hour. The content can be negotiated between student and teacher. This gives students an opportunity to work on areas, which are of particular interest or concern.

Other agreements: 3 hours per day – 20 € per hour